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Today's UX and Product Designer

Becoming an in-demand UX and Product designer works differently than what most courses tell you. Here’s how it actually works.

Understanding of code

HTML, CSS, and/or popular nocode tools (Webflow, TailwindCSS, and WordPress.)

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Design principles

You know of design principles like color theory, gestalt, and accessibility.

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Way of working

You know what to do, when to do it, and how to present and sell it.

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(No) design thinking

Toolbox of design methods to apply at certain moments. You know there’s no one-way-fits-all process.

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Design tools

Tools are just tools. You know Figma, but have enough design knowledge to be able to switch when needed.

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Design politics

You know the role of design within a company and what it does (not) do.

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UX Equipment

How to pick the hardware you need as a UX designer.

UX Design Tools

Guides on Figma and other design tools.

Learn UX

Understand the UX way of working and how to run a project.

Build your UX Portfolio

How to build a portfolio to showcase your work.

How to get hired in UX

Step-by-step guides on the UX job hunt.

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